M. M. Warburg
Translation of annual reports

You have been translating private equity company reports for us for years. Your translations managed to convey the subject matter and make it easy for investors to understand too.

Hamburg Chamber of Commerce
Industry portraits and informative flyers

In the past few years, Ms Franke has carried out numerous translations for our Chamber of Commerce, including translations into English of industry portraits and informative flyers.  Due to the two years she spent working at our Chamber of Commerce, she is also familiar with the appropriate vocabulary and can convey the subject matter accurately. We enjoy working with Ms Franke very much.

Carl Kühne KG
Product texts for Kühne Website

Over the years you have proved that you have the right flair for translations in the food industry and produced high quality work. At the same time we can also count on you delivering your translations on time. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Goethe Institute
Accompanying and interpreting for international guests from schools and the worlds of media and dance

Ms Franke has a wealth of experience in dealing with foreign visitors and is familiar with their mentality and characteristics. In addition to her excellent language skills, we believe her lively interest in and knowledge of politics, business and culture deserves special mention.